The right dining table can make or break a dining room, but how do you know which shape to choose? There is more to consider than simply the shape you prefer, it has to fit the shape of the room or area you have and be adequate to seat everyone you want it to. When you get all these factors aligned, your space will look and flow much better.

Rectangular Tables

This shape is probably the most common and with good reason. Most dining areas are rectangular in shape too. It’s also a great shape for seating more than four people, even more so if it extends as well. Most rectangular tables measure between 36 and 42” in width. You can find narrower versions but bear in mind that space for place settings and food might prove tricky. In this scenario, you might want to consider a sideboard for food serving before sitting down to the table.

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Square Tables

Square-shaped rooms tend to look better with the same shaped table. These are also a good option for smaller families and extending varieties can be purchased for those times when you might have guests to dine. The plus side of a square table is that tend to offer a little more intimacy for seating a smaller number of people. A big rectangular table can be a little domineering with only 2 people sat to it and make the space feel colder.

Round Tables

For smaller spaces or number of people, a round table is another option instead of going for square. They offer a pleasant level of intimacy, everyone can see everyone else, the room feels cosy and conversation flows better. For a stunning aesthetic, choose the Tulip Dining Table from

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Round tables are not often suitable for seating large numbers of people and most dining rooms cannot accommodate a big round dining table. The solution could be, if you have your heart set on a round table, is to buy one with an extendable section. That way you can utilise your round table most of the time and only turn it into an oval when you want to have guests.

Oval Table

An oval table acts in a very similar way to a rectangle table. The benefit to oval is that is appears to look smaller and not take up as much space due to the softer rounded corners. Oval tables are a good choice for those who have a smaller or narrower space available but still wish to seat more than four people on occasion.