Some cars are destined to be the classics of the future. Today, that future classic is affordable and easy to find. A few years from now, its value may have soared beyond reach of the average buyer and there may only be a limited number available.

Classics in waiting

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It is worth knowing what cars will make the classic grade in the future. Buying now when they are affordable can be a viable route to owning a classic.

The List

BMW E36 – over 20 years old, they are rare but still a few around for as little as £2,500.
Porsche 944 – rare and sought after, expect to pay between £4k-£10k The Porsche Owners Club can be a good source of information and advice
Nissan 300ZX – the 90’s supercar became expensive to repair. Some are still around in good condition. Expect to pay around £5000.
Golf GTI MK3/4 – expected to increase in value in a few years. Bargains to found between £800 and £2,500!
Skoda Octavia VRS M1 – a reliable bargain at £2,500!
Nissan 200SX – rare now due to drifting, a decent model costs between £2,500 and £3000.
Lupo GTI – a little legend from Volkswagen. Expect to pay between £2,500 – £5,000 for this nippy number.
Mazda MK-5, MK1 – bag one of these stylish Japanese sportscars for as little as a £1000.
Subaru Impreza – pay from £2,500 to £5,000, depending on model.
Focus RS MK1 – over 10 years old but still commanding £8k.
Renault Clio 182 – from £1.5k to £3k.

Restoration and repairs

Every classic car will need the services of professionals such as From bodywork repair in Stansted to Cambridge powder coating for alloy wheels, there are a wealth of specialist services out there.

Body shops

Older cars will have features not found in modern cars and parts may be often hard to find. Competitive pricing will always be an issue for the classic car owner, when it comes to repairs. Thankfully, there are owners clubs for the vast majority of marques, such as the BMW Owners Club.

Many of these clubs will have stockpiled spares and even restoration projects over the years and will be happy to provide information and advice for the would-be classic car owner.