You might not have thought of decorating your drive, but why put off making your home’s exterior and driveway look fantastic? It doesn’t need to cost the earth, as there are many budget-friendly choices to make your exterior look grand and inviting. Some of the work you can even do as DIY, so saving costs on the hire of handymen. You can’t underestimate the impact of paved or stone driveways and pathways around your home. They make the outside space look distinctive, classy and stylish.


Every project starts with a plan. You’ll want to figure out how much the work will cost; what materials are the best suited to your property and possibly finding the best contractor to complete the work for you. A simple job could be done by yourself, but for more elaborate stone paving features, walls or brick work, you’re better off with a professional.

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One of the easiest and most stylish ways to decorate your drive and exterior is using patterned or detailed stone. The cheapest options include aggregates, gravel or crushed stone but for a more aesthetically pleasing look, opt for polished stone or pebbles for your borders and paths. Using a few strategically placed larger stones can make an attractive and clever border. A big boulder or interestingly-shaped stone can also make an impact as a focal point. Consider installing a floodlight or spotlight for highlighting any focal points, like some rustic Staddle stones for sale.


Attractive paving is another option but be aware that this will require considerable maintenance in the long-term. Paving is particularly good for high-traffic areas as it has a smooth texture. However, it will become very slippery in wet weather, so bear in mind that asphalt and concrete might not be suitable for every homeowner.


If paving seems to be too expensive to justify, there are more economical options you could consider. You can place concrete paving tiles directly into the ground which can save the cost of buying additional tools and mortar. This is also an option for creating decorative borders in gardens, the driveway and focal ornamental areas.

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When choosing which material to lay, consider the type of surface you want to cover and how busy the area gets. For areas that see a lot of action, consider a low-maintenance and highly resilient paving material. If you’re using asphalt or concrete, be sure to include some kind of roughening agent or tread to avoid excess slipperiness. For areas that are visible but don’t get much traffic, you could get away with simple tile, crushed stone or cobblestone for an attractive finish. Stone and paving can make a world of difference to the curb appeal of the exterior of your home. Your home will look much more alluring.