Design trends are pointing to some interesting changes to the look of the living room of 2016. Natural materials and colours along with a subtle blend of modern and 20th-century-inspired designs are set to give our living space a more elegant and organic feel in an era where our lives are dominated by interaction with rectangular screens.

Design Trends for Todays Living Room

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The rate at which technology has changed our behaviour and influenced the design of our living rooms over the past decade has been phenomenal. Our televisions have got much bigger. We now have furniture to accommodate our laptops and keyboards. Tablets and phones are never more than an arm’s length away. The way we interact with media across different devices has changed drastically over the past few years. According to research by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, we interact at home with multiple devices such as phones, laptops and tablets the most while we’re in the living room. That may sound unsurprising, perhaps, but it does suggest that the design trends this year may just strike a balance between the technology that so greatly influences our lives and the environment we use that technology in.

A Deep Warmth of Colour

The bright purples and teals of last year are being replaced with natural, earthy colours. The Pantone colour of the year is Marsala, a deep red, and with Dulux’s chosen colour of the year, Copper Blush, the trend is very much towards warm, natural hues. To contrast with these rich, warm tones, blue is tipped to be the most popular accent colour. Adding depth and interest to the natural colour scheme, botanical prints available from leading outlets such as Marks and Spencer, Liberty and Laura Ashley will feature among this year’s designs, appearing on wallpaper, furniture fabrics and wall hangings.

Radiators and Fireplaces

As you can see from the image above the fireplace can be the crowning glory of any living room is presented well.  However, substantial numbers of houses are now stripped of their original fire pieces or are in new builds where they simply aren’t even put in.

If your house has radiators, you could paint them.  There is something very romantic about an old fashioned fireplace and the heat that radiates very relaxing.  If you have a radiator the look the feel and the heat have obvious differences but each have benefits.

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Modern with Something of a Retro Twist

This year will see the back of matching furniture and the introduction of a blend of sleek, ultra-modern styles and designs with a mid-20th century feel, such as reproduction designer furniture. The signs are that wallpaper will make a big comeback, and in a variety of styles too, from printed patterns to natural textures, replacing and softening the effect of the contrasting accent walls that have been fashionable for the last few years. Metallic detail such as gold and copper in lighting fixtures and ornaments will add the warm touch of times gone by, providing an alternative to silver or stainless steel.

2015’s softer, warmer and more natural look gives a subtle nod back towards not so distant decades when television was still new. It complements the fast-paced, technology-rich lifestyle that we lead today rather than directly contrasting with it. And the trend towards multi-era furniture and decor opens up a wide range of possibilities for creative ideas to make over your living room, giving you more inspiration to draw on than ever before.