When you are looking at Buying Diamond Rings Online do you ever wonder how that Diamond was formed? Probably not as your more than likely looking at the price and wondering how you’re going to afford it. Well it might make you feel a little better when you consider how much time and effort it takes by nature to create one.

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Pressure. You might be feeling a little bit of that yourself especially if your planning for a wedding and this ring is part of that plan, but it is nothing compared to the pressure that the rock that created your diamond went through. It also had to rely on our old friends the tectonic plates floating around on the magma sea that makes the Earth so deeply unstable. Many people believe that they are made from pressure on Coal. Apparently, this is not true. Diamonds are way older than coal, which is formed from plants. Also, coal is formed from sedimentary rocks which like to lie horizontally. Diamonds occur in vertical shafts of igneous rock so let’s rule out coal, coal has nothing to do with Diamonds.

All of the world’s Diamonds are mined in the mantle fused with Igneous rock. That means they were thrown up through the mantle by volcanoes. That’s right a volcano provided that Diamond for you probably millions of years ago.  The volcanic eruption literally rips the diamonds away form a level known as the Diamond stability zone. This is where the formed Diamonds sit and are pushed up into the levels of the earth’s crust.  Normally they are so far down that we’d never get them.  Companies like Demolition Bristol Contractors could probably get to them if they really wanted to who can be found at sites like https://www.davidhortoncontractors.co.uk/demolition/  Starting to seem a little bit more special, now don’t they?

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Rock is the most important thing that forms the Diamond. It required incredible levels of heat and pressure. You have to go down to the stability zone but as that’s about 90 miles below the earth and the pressure could crush you like a fly it’s unlikely that you’ll be going yourself. Oh, and its 2000 degrees so that’s a little way above boiling a kettle level. Luckily, we can’t recreate those levels above the surface, so we have relied on the mantle below to do the job for us. And it has for millennia, so we are all good on that front.

The other way that a Diamond is formed is thankfully a lot rarer. When an asteroid hits the earth it sets of a series of reactions under the earth begin. Let’s not dwell on what happens on the surface as its basically the equivalent of several nuclear missiles going off. The necessary pressure and heat occurs quickly and forms diamonds like nobody’s business. Several have been found in sites in Russia but not enough to make a full fledged industry, but you never know, that rock that she’s getting may well have come about by a direct hit from space. Worth it? Oh yeah.