If you own a diesel car, things could get much tougher for you from now on. Strict new rules have been introduced that could see many thousands of diesel vehicles failing their MOTs.

Any diesel vehicles emitting smoke from their exhausts will be the recipient of a ‘major’ fail decision by MOT test centres thanks to new laws. Already, an approximate 100,000 vehicles already fail on emissions test every year and that figure is set to rise dramatically from now on.

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Thankfully, there is something that can be done to sort out your dirty diesel. Not only that but it will clean up your car and save you money on the cost of fuel. For your next Gloucester MOT, visit http://swiftfit.uk.com/gloucester-mot

A company in the UK called CGON has produced a clever system that can cut toxic emissions by a whopping 80% and improve fuel economy by 20%. It is being marketed towards those vehicles that are up to 15 years of age that are spluttering out too much harmful exhaust smoke to pass their MOT. Who knows, the system could become so popular that it’s fitted as standard on all new cars too.

It’s not cheap at over £400 but it’s is highly effective. If you love your car and want to continue to drive it, this system could well be worth the investment.

The system is basically a box which sits in the engine and inserts hydrogen into the fuel. It is positioned under the engine bay and works by injecting little shots of hydrogen into the fuel and air, significantly reducing emissions and making combustion better and more efficient.

Similar designs have failed in the past because the energy used to make the hydrogen using electrolysis was so large that it outweighed any potential benefits for emissions or fuel economy. The process also created a carcinogenic by-product.

However, now the CGON system is made using titanium-coated rods, producing pure hydrogen using a special electrolyte and a low voltage, producing no unpleasant substances.

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The only maintenance that the system requires is just a top-up of the special electrolyte liquid every 6,000 miles.

With over 100,000 vehicles failing the MOT each year, this new technology solves that problem instantly by cutting harmful particles and nitrogen oxide.

Many would say that the system sounds too good to be true, but the results are so good, it leaves many questioning why the CGON box isn’t yet fitted on all cars as standard.