For some people, shoes are much more than simple protection for one’s feet from the elements. A shoe obsession is a guilty pleasure – something that a person feels compelled to purchase. The wonderful thing about shoes is that no matter your age or weight, your feet will always be roughly the same size which makes shoe shopping much more enjoyable than clothes shopping for many consumers. Here are some signs you are someone who really loves shoes:

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You have more shoes than you have storage space. For those running out of space for any type of collection, consider Self Storage Highbridge. Visit a site like Leakers, a supplier of Self Storage Highbridge.

You have to take time off work to attend a big shoe sale.

When going on holiday, you have a suitcase just for shoes.

You have a pair of shoes from every designer label – at least one pair.

You have a different pair for every occasion possible.

You have or dream of having a walk-in closet just for your shoe collection.

Your phone is filled with photos footwear.

You judge others by the shoes they wear.

Your friends always ask to borrow your shoes.

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Does this sound like you? Maybe someone has called you Imelda Marcos? Imelda Marcos is one of the most famous shoe collectors in the world. Previously, the First Lady of the Philippines, she opened a museum dedicated to footwear, much of the collection her own.