Are you one of those rare people who actually use your garage for the purpose it was made for? The storage of vehicles and equipment associated with said vehicle? Most people have a garage full of junk and random cardboard boxes, which can be very annoying and tiring when you decide you might actually want to put your car in there. Having an orderly and well-equipped garage makes it more fun to use and you’ll use it more.

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Here are some great ideas for making the most of your garage space to play around with cars or store outdoor and garden supplies.

Lots of light is a necessity when working in the garage so you’re not groping around in semi-darkness trying to fix tricky parts, which is both soul-destroying and time-consuming. Do not think it’s all about brightness though as the actual benefit derived from well-lit areas include a lot of clean, diffused light coming from several different sources to prevent shadows.

Storage is certainly a must as garages tend to accumulate a lot of things. You need a place to keep things in order. Several shelves and tool cabinets will certainly be required to assist your master DIY skills. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a shiny new door. For Garage Doors Essex, visit a site like Lime BDS, suppliers of Garage Doors Essex.

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A First Aid Kit might not be top of your list, but you’ll be glad of it when you need it. Injuries can happen very easily when working on cars or gardening because there are a lot of sharp edges and things that require twisting or force. There are many ways to get injured so having immediate access to bandages and antiseptic wipes will come in very handy for those occasional scratches.