There is no denying that celebrities fascinate us. As a social animal, humans have always paid close attention to those at the top of the social sphere where the power and influence resides. Hierarchies have always existed and our modern day celebrities could still represent to us this desire to see how the leaders of the pack behave. Before the digital era, where we now have now have access to the rich and famous 24/7, people would follow monarchy or other national leaders. The public just can’t get enough of the celebrity gossip and they offer us a form of escapism from the mundane by following their exciting escapades and rocky love lives. Whether they inspire us, frustrate us or make us jealous is a matter of opinion but what is a fact is their huge influence on culture and the way we dress.

Trend creation is one of the biggest ways in which celebrities have a direct impact on our lives. Whilst we follow their every move, we also want to feel some of the success ourselves and emulate our stars. Celebrities are chosen to act as spokespeople for big corporations because they know that the public will listen to them. They have a far bigger fan base and so reaching people is easier than fashion magazines and catwalks.

People want to know how to look good and how to wear items correctly and they turn to those who look the best in society for advice and inspiration. Some fashion trends don’t really take off but when a celebrity tries a new look and makes it their own, then everyone else wants a piece of the action too. For example, the phenomenal success of Sex in the City sparked a craze for Manolo Blahnik stiletto shoes just like Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the series. Surely every fashion designer’s dream is for the endorsement of a global star.

Fame and Fashion

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Men’s fashion has no doubt been inspired by many suave and sophisticated Hollywood A-listers, from Cary Grant to Daniel Craig. For Mens Designer Jackets, visit  Music also has a massive influence on setting current trends and a good example of this is the rapper Tinie Tempah who also is something of a fashion entrepreneur. He creates a unique twist on streetwear by combining styles, taking styles risks and do something different. When it works, these are the kinds of trends that become popular among youth culture.

Fame is a powerful social and cultural magnet and we learn by copying others. We seem to value fame and prestige, not just dominance, and we appear to be the only creatures on the planet that think like this. Copying successful role models is a great thing for society but the danger is that we can also pick up traits that are not so useful. Celebrity fashion, however, seems relatively harmless and there is no reason why we wouldn’t like to look our best and experience a little bit of successful celebrity identity for ourselves.