Christmas time is all about filling your home with cheer, tinsel, baubles and gifts but it’s also a wonderful time to bring a bit of nature into your living space. Here are some festive plants that will keep the seasonal cheer going until Santa has been:

  1. Amaryllis

This beautifully bright red flower will burst into trumpet-shaped blooms. Some people grow their own but if you want to incorporate the plant into your home straight away then you can buy them. Make sure you choose one that’s on the verge of blooming. They also come in a snowy white variety, dark red, blood red and red-striped white. Whatever your décor, you’ll be sure to find one that fits perfectly.

  1. Galanthus plicatus or ‘Three Ships’

Flowers don’t get much more Christmassy than this variety of snowdrop. They are hard to come by and have a price tag to match but produce buds during December. The flowers mature and the petals thicken up revealing an inner green mark and the shape of a cross! The cross often appears just in time for Christmas Day, making this the ultimate flower of the season.

Fantastic Festive Flowers

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  1. Real Christmas Tree

Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned buyer of natural Christmas trees, nothing beats the fresh pine scent of a real tree in the home. Yes, they take some maintenance but the watering and decorating becomes very much a pleasurable ritual for many families. They help to purify the air, smell amazing and add a whole new dimension to the festivities. For Wellingborough Real Christmas Trees, visit

  1. Poinsettia

A common sight in our homes during the Christmas period, this colourful plant is a member of the euphorbia family from Mexico. There are numerous varieties but the bright red remains the most popular for festive decoration. They are both cheerful and hardy, preferring lots of light but not direct sun and avoid over-watering.

  1. Narcissus ‘Cedric Morris’

When you think of Christmas, yellow flowers might not come to mind but if you want to incorporate a variety of flowers, then this delicate bloom will bring delight. The flowers are usually out by Christmas and look like a mini daffodil. With a trumpet-like shape of bright sunny yellow, the outer petals fade to green to match the stem. It was discovered by Sir Cedric Morris growing amongst rocks in Spain.

Fantastic Festive Flowers2

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  1. Paperwhite narcissi

You still have time to plant these in time for Christmas blooms if you plant them by mid-October. These sweet little white flowers make a lovely addition to a festive display, snow-white and pretty as a picture. All you need to do is fill a glass jar or vase to the half-way point with coloured glass beads, gravel or pebbles and group together between 5-10 bulbs in a cluster. Make sure they are pointed end up, spaced away from each other and with only a third of the bulb left visible. Water until the level hits just below the base of the bulbs and store in dark, cool area until you want them to bloom.