If you run a leisure venue and are looking for ways to increase your footfall, there are plenty of creative and sought-after options to entice more customers through the door. Installing fruit machines or a pool table may once have been enough to increase your revenue, but nowadays customers want increasingly unique experiences. Here are three ideas to boost the footfall at your venue.

Forget the fruit machines

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Soft play

Indoor soft play areas have gained an enormous following and, as they vary in size, even a small venue can incorporate a soft play zone in an unused corner. One of the great advantages of soft play facilities is that parents can relax over a drink while their youngsters get some exercise in a dedicated area. According to Kids’ Development, active and exploratory soft play helps children to learn new motor skills in a fun and stimulating environment, helps to develop physical activity and encourages children to enjoy exercising.

Soft play equipment is available on multiple levels, including climbing frames, slides, bridges, ball pools, scramble nets and crawl tubes.

Rodeo bulls

If you are looking to attract crowds eager for thrills and spills, why not consider including a rodeo bull ride in your leisure centre? Rodeo bull rides are unique experiences and are probably something that none of your competitors have thought about. Perfect for team games among friends, corporate events or even stag dos, a rodeo bull ride will attract a wide audience.

There are even rodeo bull rides available that are geared towards children – just think of the fun youngsters will have at a birthday party event experiencing these rides. For a wide selection of options, a rodeo bull distributor such as GS Rodeo Bulls will have an extensive selection of rodeo bulls for adults and youngsters plus fun attachments.

Climbing wall

Climbing walls are proving a popular choice of activity for those looking for adrenalin-fuelled adventure. No longer are they solely used for preparing for a real climb; today, climbing walls have become a sought-after entertainment option in their own right. The advantage of climbing walls is that they take up more vertical space than horizontal, meaning they are perfect for leisure venues on the smaller side. Ideal for children and adults alike, climbing walls offer an innovative activity that is likely to improve your footfall.