Cutting down on the amount of energy we all use will become more and more vital in the coming years. Whether you’re concerned about climate change or simply want to see a reduction in rising home energy costs, it’s worth finding out everything you can do to cut your personal and household energy consumption. We take a look at four key ways for reducing your energy consumption in 2016.

Reducing Energy Consumption

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Change Cars

Cars are responsible for a huge amount of the world’s CO2 emissions. Getting a car that is more fuel-efficient, has a hybrid engine or uses a completely different kind of fuel such as electricity could be the perfect answer.

Get a Smart Meter

Smart meters measure the consumption of both electricity and gas in your home. The meter will tell you when you use the most energy, which should have the knock-on effect of encouraging you to cut your energy usage. Ways to beat the meter include switching off your PC at night, turning off unused lights around the house and switching to energy-saving or LED lights.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is essential for those who want to reduce their household energy consumption in 2016. Start off by insulating the loft with specialised insulating material and then install double glazing. If double glazing is a financial no-go, then applying double glazing film can be a good second choice. After this, it’s about stopping the draughts from doors and windows with excluders and heavy curtains. Conservatories can have specialist blinds fitted, or solar inserts by Polycool will achieve the same outcome. Solar inserts are significantly cheaper than blinds and have zero maintenance. All of these measures will see a fall in heating bills.

Holiday Near Home

Once upon a time, no one believed they were truly getting a break unless they flew to the other side of the world to lie on a tropical beach. These days, however, it’s become popular to holiday a few hours from your home – ideally camping. The best way to travel to your holiday destination with lower emissions is by train, followed by a coach and then by driving. However you get there, though, it’s certainly better than getting on a plane.

Just one of these tips will make a big difference – both to your pocket and to the world.