Clean bright windows can really give your home a facelift and help the light to come streaming in. Even better, there are some easy, low-cost tricks you can use that will transform your windows and make your home more cheerful.

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The basic equipment

First, you will need a dry brush for clearing away dust and spider webs; next, you will require a bucket, a sponge, some cleaning solution (either a commercial preparation or even vinegar if you want to be eco-friendlier), a squeegee, some newspaper or brown paper, a cloth made of microfibre or perhaps a chamois, and finally a drying pad or cloth. Hardware shops and stores are likely to stock most of these items.

Essential steps

Move curtains or blinds out of the way and brush away the dust, then use a sponge to wash the windows. You can use detergent, but you don’t want a lot of foam. If using a powerful cleaner, be careful it doesn’t cause any paintwork to be damaged. Make sure your squeegee is clean, and work from the top of the pane to the bottom. Wipe the squeegee clean regularly to remove any grime collected. Use your cloth or chamois to remove remaining water, then polish with a dry cloth and wipe up any water on the window sill.

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Professional finish

Try to wash windows when it is cloudy, as the glass doesn’t dry too fast and look streaky. Consider making your own window cleaner and give your windows a polish with newspaper for more shine. Cleaning windows properly can take some time.

Accidental Damage

If your busy cleaning away those cobwebs and a mishap should occur resulting in a broken or damaged window don’t worry as specialist glazers are able to help with a fast response.  The main thing is to be careful and be confident when attempting to improve the look and feel of your windows. Cheltenham Glazing companies like will be able to help with any damages as this is their expertise leaving you full peace of mind with your home project.