Every couple wants their special day to be fun, but the nature of the day can mean that there are periods of time when guests may be standing around waiting for photographs to be taken or the dining room to be transformed into a dance floor for the evening entertainment.

The perfect solution is to get your guests to play games. In addition to being a great way for everyone to get to know each other, there are many other benefits to playing games, even as adults.

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Giant Jenga

First created in 1983, Jenga is always entertaining, especially now it is available as a giant lawn game. Guests will love teaming up to play this on a sunny afternoon with a glass of Pimms.

Simon Says

The perfect game for inside or out, Simon Says will really get your guests into the swing of things and can be especially interesting as the alcohol flows. Children can join in and you can award prizes to those who are particularly skilled.

Don’t forget other traditional party games, such as musical statues, musical bumps or even musical chairs if there is space. Such games provide fantastic photo opportunities and your wedding photographer will love capturing the fun.

The booklet game

Great for an indoor or winter wedding, the booklet game can be really interesting, especially for the bride and groom after the event. Print a book for each table with answers or advice to be completed, such as ‘What should we call our first child?’ or ‘The secret to a long and happy marriage is…’ . You can tailor questions to suit different guests and/or tables, and friends and family can either take it very seriously or add some cheeky fun to their answers.

Giant word search

A giant word search is a fun project perfect for the time between the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment. You can use a large board and markers to create a giant word search for your guests to decipher, which can be themed around the bride and groom, another topic close to their hearts, or simply random words. You can even choose a ‘golden word’, with a prize for the guest who spots it first.


Even before getting to your venue on that very special day games can be played with your guests.  A great way to start building the fun is on the journey to the location by thinking about the fun to be had in your mode of transportation. If you want to hire a vehicle for your wedding, stag do or great night out you could use Hen Party Bus Cheltenham at such sites as https://cocktail-tours.co.uk/