Ok, you’ve got your plans to convert your garage and you’ve contacted a garage conversions Cheltenham based company like http://www.cotswoldgarageconversions.co.uk/ to sort the job out but the question remains what type of scheme to do the decorating in once it’s done. You don’t want some out of date place so here is a quick look at what’s new and in vogue for 2018 so that you won’t get caught out and end up with some 80’s retro piece, unless that’s in of course.

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This year the theme seems to be a tie between the clean lines of the Nordic industrial design the fun a playfulness of a safari lodge and there are also big moves of a fusion between a jungle style and eastern Chinoiseries (that’s basically a kind of western style that’s been influenced by Chinese design and art). So that’s three to be going on with then? The best thing to do is look at the space in all its naked glory and try and decide which looks better in with the amount of space you have. Straight off it has to be said that the Safari and Chinoiseries style is very busy so it won’t work in an enclosed space whereas the Nordic industrial is based on a bit of functionality, but stylish functionality at that.

What new materials are there for 2018? You can make a big impact with this in your new room as you will be seen as something of trend setter. The new buzz is around an old/new rediscovered material called Terrazzo. This is a recycled look from the 1970s which has bits of marble, quartz and tile compressed into new tiles. To further the return of the modernist feel it seems like concrete is making a comeback along with terracotta. Terracotta is a nice warm colour so that might work better over the harshness of concrete and the very busy mix of the Terrazzo.

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Colour is, of course, very important in any setting and the word is that its pastels and neon. That might be a good option and a fortunate turn in the trend for your garage conversion as it may be a dark place already without you meaning it to be. It’s also about contrasts. Apparently its ok to mix warm and cold colours now as a bold contrast and statement about the room so a warm orange next to a dark cold blue is what’s in. Bring on the clash, its ok to have fun. Leather is also back in style as opposed to the warm pink that has dominated the last few years. Think earthy colours and textures.

Not an exhaustive list but at least it’s a starting point. We wish you the best of luck and we’re sure it’ll look fabulous.