The Cathedral City of Gloucester lies on the edge of the stunning Cotswolds and the large, local community of tight-knit inhabitants living there are leading the way when it comes to their three R’s initiative, Reuse, Recycle and Repair.  Working closely together with professional, experienced, well-established, Gloucestershire Companies such as who specialise in Computer Repair Gloucester, the local City Folk are actively promoting and supporting innovative, environmentally friendly ways to slow down and stop the huge amount of technological waste that ends up at their local Landfill Sites.  Their Team of highly-trained and skilled Computer technicians can quickly identify any issue with your Computer or laptop and resolve it in a cost-effective and affordable way.

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Over the last decade we have quickly become a very “Throw Away Society” when our computers, laptops or mobile phones stop working efficiently, instead of getting them Repaired so that we can Reuse them we just throw them away!  Tons of unrecyclable technology ends up just being discarded at Refuse Sites and that waste is incredibly harmful to our fragile environment.  We MUST start to follow the example of the Gloucester City Residents and learn to Reuse, Recycle and REPAIR.

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Gloucester’s Landfill Site in Hempstead could be the first in the Country to be transformed into an EcoPark, by generating Renewable Energy and using Solar Power, there are plans in place to have a Biomass Generator and Composting site also located there.