Relatively indestructible goods or consignments that cannot be damaged easily do not need any special care. But goods that are fragile or vulnerable to damage will need special care. Regardless of the nature of the goods, a courier company must always have the finest standards of packaging and handling. Any good in transit should be taken care of. But when the goods are valuable or relatively fragile, there is a need for special attention and extra care.

As the owner of the goods in transit or the one who would bear the loss if the goods are damaged or lost, you must protect your valuables at all costs. Here is how you can do that.

The first step to ensure that your valuables are protected is to have them insured. There are transit insurance and other policies that can protect the financial value of your goods right from the moment it leaves your premises or possession till it reaches the intended destination or recipient. No matter where the cargo is, who’s handling it and what happens to the cargo, the financial value of the goods will be protected. You would get reimbursed for any damages or repairs, loss or theft of the goods. Damage can be of varying degrees. Loss and theft are also common in transit.

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Insurance alone will not be sufficient. You may get financially reimbursed for the loss of goods or when they are damaged but you are not getting your goods back. If you are delivering some products, then your customers wouldn’t get their purchases and thus you will have to deal with disappointed clients. You may have to manufacture or create the products again and then you have to indulge in the same exercise once again. If you are sending your products overseas then it can be all the more time consuming. Sending a parcel to Germany is not a cakewalk. It takes time and obviously, there are formalities and paperwork. Going over the same process again would be quite frustrating. Hence, you need to hire a courier company that has a track record of impeccable delivery. Also, if the goods are artworks then they cannot be replaced even if their financial value is protected.

As the owner of the goods, you may want to take up the task of packaging your goods. Apart from the normal packaging that you would do or what the courier company would recommend, you can opt for better packaging materials so you can avert even the tiniest of dents or damages to the goods in transit.

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