Most of us just desire a haircut that suits our face shape, looks on trend and doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, for some people, hair has made them world record breakers. Whatever their reasons, they have grown their hair to unusual lengths or got their name into the world record books by sticking strange objects into it. Here are some hairy world records:

  1. Pulling A Truck

Don’t try this one at home, no matter how strong your hair is! This incredible record is held by Montystar Agarawal from Haryana, India who pulled a Toyota Fortuner and a truck 50 metres using just his hair power! The combined weight of the vehicles was 5,200 kilograms. He achieved this record on 13th July 2014.

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  1. Most Hairstyles

Ever wondered how many hairstyles could be made in a shower in 30 seconds? Well, wonder no more because the answer is 9. Sarah Hines from Washington State, USA managed to complete 9 hairstyles in a shower in 30 seconds. She completed the challenge at the Sasquatch music festival in 2011 which also broke a world record with the world’s biggest shower.

  1. Fastest Ponytails

At the Pitchfork music festival in Illinois, USA in 2009, Melissa Dorsey set the record for the fastest time to make ponytails for 10 people. She completed the challenge in a speedy 51.47 seconds. Think you could do better? The record remains unbeaten as yet. If you’re looking for a Hairdressers in Gloucester, try Headkandy Hairdressers in Gloucester

  1. Fastest Head Shave

Need your head shaved but got no time to spare? Then you need SJ Maccorm to come and do it for you. Prince Edward Island, Canada was the location for this challenge which saw him complete a full head shave in just 1 minute and 29.97 seconds on 21st December 2012.

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  1. Biggest Hair Combing Circle

If you’ve ever fancied a group hair combing session, then Camp Kaylie in New York State is where you’ll find these kinds of things going on. On 30th July 2013, 203 people participated in a hair combing circle, brushing each other’s hair and having a merry old time in the world’s largest circle of its kind.

  1. Longest Hair

The world record for the longest hair has been held by Xie Qiuping of China since 2004. Her hair then measured 18 feet and 5.54 inches! She had been growing her hair since 1973 when she was 13 years old. It didn’t bother her as she was used to it she said.

  1. Tallest High Top Fade

Benny Harlem of the USA is the proud owner of the world’s tallest high top fade hairstyle. It was measured in Los Angeles in November 2016 and was found to be 52cm high. It can take Benny nearly two hours to style it into shape.

  1. Most Combs

You’re supposed to comb through, not leave the combs in the hair! Try telling this to Jesse McMillan of Washington State, USA. Another challenge at the Sasquatch music festival in 2011, he twisted 75 combs into his hair and set a world record!