Whether you start in the North at Chipping Camden or the South in Bath the Cotswold Way is a stirring and evocative walk. It can be one of the most inspiring things you could do, almost as have a talk from motivational speakers. Have a look at www.adventureman.org/ so that you can see what might be available. The way is a registered national trail that is protected and maintained by a variety of organisations. It stretches for over 100 miles and has much to see. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights along the way.

  1. You probably couldn’t ask for a better start, or finish, than this beautiful Wiltshire city. Take the time to see the original Roman Baths and the Spa. There is also the indoor Victorian market and the famous Poultney Bridge.

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  1. Dyrham Park. This is one of the finest and interesting houses owned by the National Trust. Step away from the way to view this regency jewel, and maybe a nice cup of tea.
  2. Horton Fort and Hortons Court. A chance to see what our Iron Age ancestors were living in (there will be a few of those) at the fort with its commanding views. They might be time to see another National Trust place the old vicarage of Hortons Court as we pass through.
  3. On to Wotton-Under-Edge. Perched on the escarpment this quirky, twisty lane town is quite the place for bit of shopping or a pub lunch.
  4. The route take in the Somerset Monument erected in honour of Lord Edward Somerset a solider at Waterloo who fought with great renown. At one time you could go up it but the Tower need much to repair it and this is no longer possible.
  5. Next is the town of Dursley, but this is not worthy of a stop so it’s a much better idea to press on to Coaley Down and Cam Long Down for a nice picnic.

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  1. A rather up and down section will take you away from views of the M5 and lead you across the Haresfield Beacon (the Cotswolds highest point) and into one of Gloucestershire’s loveliest little towns Painswick. Its then up to the spread out village of Birdlip and the M5 appears on our left again. This village has fantastic views of the Malvern’s in the distance, the City of Gloucester and Cheltenham and even the Wales and the forest of Dean.

That’s about halfway.