1. Anguilla

    The gorgeous beaches of Anguilla, the beautiful West Indies island, are popular with the rich and famous. With 35 square miles of Caribbean luxury, there are some 100 places to eat, from seaside restaurants to quaint roadside bistros which specialise in local cuisine. One of the highlights has got to be Scilly Cay, which can be reached by water-taxi. Here visitors can do a spot of snorkelling before enjoying a delicious BBQ lobster curry lunch.

Heavenly Honeymoon Spots in the Caribbean

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2. Antigua

A very nautical destination, Antigua features some truly stunning beaches and is home to Nelson’s Dockyard, once the historic base for the British fleet. Antigua is a fantastic destination for honeymooning couples – not very commercial and extremely sophisticated. Hotels include the Curtain Bluff Resort with 72 elegant rooms, all with a view of the unspoiled beach.

3. Aruba

If you are looking for an active honeymoon, Aruba is the place to choose. There is very little lounging around here! Whether it is shopping, partying or participating in water sports, Aruba has it all. Flat landscapes and spectacular beaches complete with the crystal-clear waters and powdery sand make it an ideal spot. You can even take a private sunset catamaran sailing trip – a couple’s paradise.

4. Barbados

Probably the most British of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados has retained many of the customs left behind. They drive on the left, and cricket and afternoon tea are still traditions very much adhered to. Stroll hand in hand along the Bathsheba Beach, wildly romantic and famous for the fact that Queen Elizabeth II did the same in her younger days. Check out http://lostwaldo.com/destinations/ for more information about this stunning destination and others.

5. Cayman islands

If you love to dive, then the Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman) are definitely the place for you, surrounded as they are by the clearest and most beautiful water. Visitors will feel immediately at home in the safe hands of the immensely polite locals. The island is home to high-end resorts with American style and standards. A must-see attraction is the Sunken City of Atlantis. A local artist is currently creating an underwater city, casting sculptures from a mixture of cement, sand and rock and encouraging the growth of a new reef.