After spending hours planning every detail of your wedding so you have a unique dress, immaculate hair and makeup, the best photographer possible, and the venue of your dreams, why settle for standard wedding reception food like the airplane choice of meat or fish or those tired old buffets with more pastry than a Parisian bakery and open sandwiches with sad-looking toppings?

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Make your wedding the event that people rave about for months afterward simply because you pushed past the boundaries and chose to serve food that reflects your personalities, wedding theme or simply the desire to break the mould.

Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination and whet your appetite.

World Food Stations

These could be based on food from countries you have visited, the heritage of the bridal party and your guests, or you can simply choose popular global dishes from India, China, Italy and other places. Guests will enjoy the variety of familiar favourites such as curry and pizza.  These could be displayed in a fun way including inside a Supermarket trolley as your family enters so they can see exactly what’s on offer and where from.
Sharing Platters

If you find the mix and match idea appealing but have chosen a sit-down-style feast, sharing platters are a good option. Popular themes are seafood, veggie, cheese and crackers, pastries, pulled pork, and savoury nibbles.

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Breakfast at Any Time

Serving up a hybrid table of British-Continental-American breakfast foods is both unusual and inspired. Guests can graze on a buffet-style selection of everything from yogurt and cold meat to pancakes and eggs.

Afternoon Tea

This could be the standard tea of delicate sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and other cakes, or have savoury options like pork pie and quiche added in. It goes well with both sparkly drinks and hot tea, so it should suit all guests. This is a lighter option that is perfect for a lunchtime or early afternoon wedding when a heavy meal would be too much.

Eating Outside

If eating al fresco appeals to you, you need a place with large and attractive grounds to host your party. Couples looking for a hotel venue could ask about the possibilities of hog roasts or picnics.

These days, there really are no limits on the possibilities for your post-wedding meal, so do not be afraid to be different.