We all get home from work and have that list of things that need doing around the house that involves cleaning and organising and to be honest all we want to do is get changed into our pyjamas and lay down on the sofa.

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Washing up – I don’t know how it happens but the washing up always just appears on the side and if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher you can throw it in and turn it on and walk away. But for the rest of us we have to tackle it by filling up the washing up bowl with hot water, fairy liquid and a scrubbing brush.

Hoovering – This is an endless task that you have to do but it takes forever in a day.  You probably will want a dyson hoover as the suction will get everything from anywhere.

Dusting- Dusting is a task that will ache your arms, make you sneeze and hurt your back but if you don’t do it the dust will build and build and believe me you don’t want to know what this is made up of.

Floors – With floors you should really sweep it up, then mop evenly with hot water and cleaning products and leave to dry. Some people will follow this with a steam mop which will get rid of any excess dirt that is deeper ingrained into the floor.

Ironing – Ironing can seem to take forever and even just one shirt done properly could take ten minutes so you can imagine doing everyone’s shirts, trousers, bed sheets and pillow cases would take all day.

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Windows are a little tricky when it comes to the top floor of the house.  You will need a ladder that is safe, long enough and so decent window cleaning essentials.  If you don’t do this right it will end up with wet marks and stains.  You also need to be ok with heights as some houses are three floors.

General tidy and clean – Sometimes a tidy and clean can mean following your child around the house picking up everything they have just got out and left on the floor. Fluffing up the pillows and re jigging the sofa blankets, picking up crisp packets, coasters and putting all the shoes back in the shoe rack.

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