The production of woollen yarn involves a series of steps using raw fibre, which is then manufactured into both woven and knitted textile products.

The UK has more than 60 breeds of sheep. According to Statista, “the production of wool in the United Kingdom peaked in 2021, with a yield of 70,450 tons of wool.

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What is Woollen yarn?

Woollen yarn is a natural yarn made from sheep’s fleece. It is thicker and heavier than other yarns and is ideal for making warm knitted or woven garments such as jumpers and sweaters.

Blending and scouring

Once the wool is collected, it may undergo blending. Blending involves mixing the fibres from different sources or breeds to achieve the desired characteristics, such as texture or colour.

The wool is then washed, otherwise known as scouring. Dirt, wool wax, and skin are removed by washing the wool in detergent, rinsing the fibres, and finally drying the wool.


After blending, the wool might contain impurities such as burrs or seeds. The wool goes through a process called carbonising, where sulphuric acid dissolves the foreign bodies.


The wool is then fed into a carding machine, allowing the fibres to pass through a series of wire brushes, which separate and straighten the fibres.

Spinning and dyeing

The carded wool is now ready for spinning. Woollen spinning uses a spinning wheel to twist and draw the fibres into a thin and continuous strand of woollen yarn. The wool can then be dyed to the required colour.


Knitting has been around for thousands of years and is still a very popular pastime. Industrial computer-controlled knitting machines are used for knitting mass-produced items, but individuals tend to use knitting needles for this well-loved hobby.

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Particularly popular is a knitting kit, enabling knitters of all abilities to create wonderful products. If you are searching for a knitting kit, have a look at a specialist site such as for inspiration.

As you can see, there are a variety of stages involved in producing woollen yarn for its end products.