Choosing a collar and lead for your dog is more than just a fashion choice or something you only need when taking the dog for a walk. The right lead and collar can make a real difference to your dog’s training because this is how messages between you and your dog are transmitted.

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The correct choice of dog collars and leads is important for a dog of any age, whether you are training it to sit, walk, heel or obey other commands. Many people make the mistake of choosing a lead that is too short or made of inflexible and hard material. Ideally, a dog’s lead should be around five and a half feet long and washable. Quality is also important as you need to avoid cheap leads that fray or have rings that rust.

Extendable leads

Although these leads are popular, they can be dangerous the dog, humans and other dogs. A recent article in the Star reports that a woman was bitten twice by dogs on extendable leads because their owners were unable to control them. Dogs on extendable leads can also run around a person, wrapping the cord around legs and causing serious injuries. The cord can also become tangled around the dog and cause friction burns or other injuries.


Harnesses work by compressing the dog’s chest and lungs and becoming tight under their front legs when they pull. This causes discomfort or pain and can also pull the dog off balance. Pain is not a helpful tool when trying to teach a dog how you want it to act.

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Head restraints

These tend to pull the dog’s head downward to the chest and become tight around the dog’s muzzle. They can cause hair to be rubbed away, blisters and even eye infections. Although they may prevent the dog from pulling in the short term, they may also work by causing discomfort, which is not what any dog lover wants.

The right lead

Choose a good-quality collar and lead, such as those available from The lead should be long enough for you to hold comfortably, but you should be able to adjust it to a suitable length for different occasions.

The right lead can make training easier and increase the pleasure you get from walking your dog.