There are many exciting choices to make when planning your wedding – date, venue, music, caterer . . . By providing a mobile bar at your venue, you can refresh your guests throughout the day with some well-chosen drinks ensuring a memorable and pleasurable occasion.

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Things to Consider

You need to select some drinks that will be appropriate for the occasion and satisfy everyone – as a rule of thumb, if you like it, your guests should also like it.

For the guests’ arrival, Prosecco is a great fizz – your guests will not notice any difference from Champagne,and it is cheaper than the French sparkling wine. For flavour and colour, add some pureed peach for a Bellini, make a Rossini out of strawberries with a dash of balsamic vinegar, or try a fruit sorbet drenched in Prosecco.

For non-drinkers, offer some cloudy lemonade, and they will fit in with the occasion nicely.

For the sit-down meal, you will want wine and water on the table. Your mobile bar should have experts that can help you with the selection; they will be able to match wine to food for a supreme dining experience.

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The Best Wines for the Occasion

You could buy the wine yourself, of course. Easy-drinking Merlot reds and Sauvignon Blanc whites are the top choices and ever-popular – chill the white properly if it is summer, and keep the red in a cool place. The Merlot should be drunk at room temperature (14-16 degrees).

For toasting, Prosecco is the winner again. Normally people are given half-glasses, but some mobile bars are more generous.

Providing a Range of Drinks

At the evening reception, you might want a full spread of spirits with mixers, wine, soft drinks and beers. Consider choosing bottled beers rather than the draught version. The latter costs you money to hire, and can get over-heated; bottles guarantee quality and consistency.

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Cocktails are also on the agenda; fun and fresh and loved by everyone, they are a superb way to celebrate your big day. Bespoke versions can be created to mark the occasion.

Real ale can be collected fresh on the day, covered with a cool blanket and dispensed straight from the barrel.