Whether you’re new to the guitar or have been playing for a while, there is always something new to learn to make you a better player. Here are some top tips to better guitar skills:

Try Something New Every Day

A great tip is to learn something new about your guitar every day. Whether it’s a new riff, a trick, a chord or a new song to try – it will keep you fresh and interested. Perhaps it’s just the connecting part for some riffs you know but you’ve never learned it to complete a whole song. Seeking out new things to learn and try will help develop your musical instincts, aid muscle memory and increase your ability to play effortlessly using your subconscious. If you instil this routine into your daily practice, you’ll soon find that the one thing becomes two and so on. Get your guitars at Gloucestershire Guitar Shops

Major Scale Intervals

This forms the basis of a lot of the chords and scales you’ll need as you continue to learn the guitar. Gaining a thorough understanding of the scale intervals will help you to form triads, extended chords and the different modes that go with them.

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The C and the B

Be sure to learn the CAGED system so you’ll learn at least five different ways to play the C major chord. This easily applies to other chords but it’s best to start with the C. Keep practicing playing the four bars of the chord on each new place on the neck.

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Practice Every Chord You Know Again and Again

This is an excellent tip and might seem obvious but sometimes you need to challenge your fingers. It will require constant repetition and daily practice, but the goal is to get your fingers from chord to chord effortlessly. The best thing about this is that your fingers will get used to going from one chord to another with no relation and that’s when playing gets a whole lot more exciting and easier.

Practice Your Favourite Guitar Solos Until Perfect

This is how many iconic rock legends started their guitar careers. For example, Eddie Van Halen would play along to records until what he was playing sounded identical to what he was listening to. This is a useful tip for improving your tempo, delivery, awareness and feel for the music.

Record Your Progress

Without an awareness of how you’re improving, it’s easy to lose momentum and enthusiasm. As part of your daily practice routine, keep a log of what you’ve been doing and how much you’ve improve as this help to identify areas for further growth or gaps in your knowledge. The log will keep you focused in future training sessions, allow you to get the most from your practice sessions and help identify areas to revisit if you feel your progress has stalled.