There is one thing that offices have in common, no matter where in the world they are located – coffee. Whether there is an automated coffee dispenser or a kitchenette where kettles are boiled, you can guarantee a cup of coffee in just about any office across the globe. So, what else do these offices probably have in common? Coffee-stained carpets! How do you get coffee stains out of carpet? You’ll have more chance of success the quicker you can get to the stain. Plus, the earlier you treat it, the easier it will be and the less complicated the method of removal will be also.

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Equipment that you’ll need:

White towels or cloths in a clean condition

Cold water

Stain remover



Getting rid of fresh coffee stains

Always begin by working the stain from the outside in. Coffee stains have a bad reputation for spreading, so adopting this method should help you contain the stain. Do not scrub at the carpet as this damages the carpet fibres. The best action is a blotting or pressing action. Alternatively, arrange a regular clean from a professional company to keep your carpets in tip top condition. For Gloucester Office Cleaning, visit Gloucester Office Cleaning company Into Cleaning.

To begin with, use a clean white cloth to press at the coffee stain and soak up as much as possible. Do this until o more coffee is appearing on the white cloth. Pour a small amount of cold water onto the stain area and use a new white cloth to dab at it until no more liquid is transferring onto the cloth. Do this until no more liquid is left to blot. This will depend on how much coffee was spilled.

Now it’s time to use some of your chosen carpet cleaner or stain removal. Don’t spray too much though as excess residue can attract more dirt in the long run. Follow the instructions on the bottle and let the area dry completely.

Getting rid of old coffee stains

These steps are similar but will most likely take several more repeated efforts to rid the carpet of the stain completely. The very first step is to gently dampen the area before treating. Carry out all the same steps outlined above for treating fresh stains.

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If you feel you’re not getting anywhere, try adding a few drops of gentle dish soap mixed with water. Sponge it onto the carpet and blot using both a wet and then a dry cloth. If you know the carpet has no wool in it, you can also try a tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of water. Test an area of carpet first that’s not visible, in case the ammonia affects the colour. If all ok, blot the ammonia onto the stain and leave for 5 minutes. Using a clean dry towel, blot the stain and alternate with a damp towel. Leave the carpet to dry completely.