Do not let your floor become an ignored and neglected area of your business. First impressions count and if you regularly welcome customers or clients to your building, you will want to make sure everything is spick and span to make a good impression. There are also reasons of security.

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Most accidents in the workplace are slips that occur when the floor has been contaminated by spills or damp conditions left undealt with. Proper cleaning methods should ensure that any spills are effectively removed, and greatly reduce the risk of slipping. Selecting improper cleaning methods can be almost as damaging, because you can contribute to the accumulation of contamination, making the floor more slippery. The best solution is to find a reputable cleaning company to do the work for you. For Office cleaners City Of London, visit a site like Classic Cleaning, a leading supplier of Office cleaners City Of London.

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When using a wet cleaning method, be aware that this can leave a slippery floor during and immediately after cleaning. Damp mopping is the most common method to clean the floors and most effective on smooth flooring. A smooth floor will, however, remain slippery or some time until it is completely dry. Finishing off with a completely dry mop will help to speed up the drying time.

Always aim to keep staff and visitors off a wet floor by:

Cleaning during off hours

Installing physical barriers to prevent access

Cleaning the area in sections, leaving a dry path through

Placing a caution sign on wet area