Minimalism and decluttering have become buzzwords in all walks of life, with narrowing down the number of things we own and fill our homes with becoming increasingly popular throughout the year rather than being a ritual reserved for spring cleaning. Applying this philosophy to design can result in an enhanced user experience, which will be beneficial for all visitors to a website and is certainly worth considering.

Improve user experience with simpler designs

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Concise copy

Following extensive research by Jakob Nielsen on how individuals interact with and read websites, we now understand that the majority of people scan text without taking in every word when browsing websites. Removing any superfluous words can streamline the look of a website without losing any of the text’s message or meaning. Short sentences are easier to scan and will efficiently communicate your message to your audience.

Understand your purpose

To implement a cohesive design, it is important to closely consider the needs of your target audience. Approaching a design is always simpler when there are clearly established goals to be worked towards, while considering everything from the perspective of the user will help with the establishment of such goals. If you want the user to browse your product range, for example, you will know that you must direct them to an attractively designed page that explains the value each product will bring to their lives.

Diminish decoration

Your website should undoubtedly look aesthetically pleasing; however, sometimes less is more, as decoration can be distracting. High-quality agencies specialising in web design in South Devon, such as, will understand how to incorporate visuals appropriately without being too distracting to the eye. Everything from colour to shape is a key part of this process, with the ideal combination certain to encourage user engagement as opposed to looking visually overwhelming.

Measured links

Link building, both inbound and outbound, is an important part of every website; however, it is also important not to overwhelm or distract the user with too many links so that they unwittingly end up overlooking the very reason they were visiting your website in the first place.

A balance must be reached so that your copy directs the user throughout your website in a logical order without directing them away from your website completely.