Fabric structures, especially roofs, have become very popular in recent years, and it is easy to see why. They look good, they are easier to erect than conventional buildings, and they have a surprisingly wide range of different uses.

Industries that are embracing tensile fabric roofing

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With the building industry being under increasing pressure to cut pollution these days, it is easy to see why lightweight structures can be an attractive option. Where are fabric structures being used?

Commercial buildings

Businesses want to maximise their return on investment by making the best use of their space. Fabric structures can help by making outdoor areas usable for more of the year. This is great for the hospitality industry as it means that terraces and outdoor seating areas get more use.

Entrance canopies for hotels and offices are another area where fabric is gaining popularity. It provides a great design feature that will impress guests but needs minimal modification to the existing building in order to install.

Fabric structures also have their place in industry, delivering a quick and easy way of providing cover for raw materials or products awaiting dispatch. They can also be a quick solution to providing extra work space in order to cope with seasonal peaks in demand.

Public buildings

The public sector has been quick to see the benefit of fabric structures. They’re used by hospitals to provide covered walkways and entrance porches, for example. They’re also popular in the education arena, with companies such as http://signaturestructures.com/school-canopies/ providing school canopies that allow pupils to make use of outdoor facilities for more of the year.

They can also be used at transport hubs, giving passengers somewhere they can take shelter from the sun or the rain whilst waiting for their train or bus. At airports, they can be used to provide cover for walkways and for dropping-off zones and taxi ranks.

Sports stadiums and concert venues are another area where fabric canopies can be used to provide cover for spectators while they’re watching an event or moving between different parts of the venue.

Fabric canopies can also be employed in parks and open spaces, giving visitors somewhere to find shelter from the elements or sit without the glare of the sun. In addition, they make a great statement structure for focal points like bandstands.