Duct cleaning is considered to be legal requirement for commercial establishments that have a maze of ductwork lining the ceilings and walls. According to the Health and Safety Work Act, the responsible person of the premises, whether it be the owner of the building or the employer, has to ensure that certain procedures are in place to ensure the safety of those within the establishment. Maintaining the vents and ducts of the building is just one section of the law that requires your attention.

Is Duct Cleaning a Legal Requirement for ALL Businesses

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Air Conditioning

According to the Approved Code of Practice, air conditioning systems and other mechanical ventilation systems must be regularly checked, inspected and cleaned. This involves professional personnel carrying out appropriate tests to help determine the safety and effectiveness of the system. An air conditioning system is important in a commercial establishment because it ensures there is a constant supply of clean air being provided into the building at all times.

Fire Dampers

A fire damper is essential in commercial buildings because it is a key part of fire risk prevention precautions in the workplace. Establishments that deal with catering are especially prone to fires, which is why it is important to ensure the fire damper is always in top working condition. The fire damper comes into action when a fire is detected and the door will close. This prevent the spread of fire through air vents and the ductwork of the building. It is therefore crucial to ensure that fire dampers are kept in best working condition.

Ductwork and Vents

To avoid contaminated air, all of the buildings air vents and air ducts must be kept free from dust, dirt and grime etc. Dust particles can spread like wild fire. Once the ducts have been left to their own devices, dirt will inevitably get inside the filter and then re-enter the atmosphere. Clogged and dirty air vents will also increase energy bills since they will use up a lot more energy because of the amount of dirt present. In addition to this, unmaintained ducts can trigger allergies in your employees and even more serious health hazards, such as respiratory problems. This Duct Cleaning Newcastle company http://www.enviro-group.eu, specialise in duct cleaning to ensure that your commercial establishment meets the guidelines and regulations set out by the government.