Cosmetic surgery was first used to help soldiers who had been wounded in the war and was known back then as reconstructive surgery, over the years we have come to know cosmetic surgery as the choice of the rich and famous as a way to alter their image and delay the outward signs of ageing. We now find ourselves in the era of non-surgical cosmetic options allowing people from all backgrounds to enhance their features in a more cost effective, quicker and less risky way.

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Here are some of the top non-surgical options out there:

This procedure aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and small skin blemishes by using fine crystals and a vacuum. The fine crystals are aimed at the area of skin needing treatment using a handheld device. The vacuum then sucks away the crystals and then dead skin cells.

  • Dermal Fillers

Micro injections of filler are placed across your lip area to add volume and definition.  This produces instant results that last around six to nine months. The procedure is quick and easy and way to achieve your desired results without the need for costly and potentially risky surgery. If you would like to find out more information on dermal fillers take a look at where Belfast dermal fillers company Glam Skin Clinic can help you.

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  • Body Contouring

There are a variety of different options available for body contouring treatments and these include:

  1. Radiofrequency – Radiofrequency (RF) is an established process with over 75 years’ worth of use in Body contouring behind it. It features the focusing of radio waves on areas of stubborn fat and breaks down the molecules. This must be done over several sessions.
  2. Cryolipolysis – This a freezing process that encourages the fat cells to expand and then be reduced by the bodies systems. It may need more than one treatment.
  3. High intensity ultrasound – Quite new this procedure requires ultrasound pulsed at fat cells encouraging break down and tightening follows. Effect after 12 weeks.
  4. Low level laser therapy – A new treatment which works like RF. Infrared and near infrared light is fired at the fat area which changes the structure of the fat.
  5. Deoxycholic acid – This is injected into the fat area. It breaks down the cells leading to shrinkage.
  • Vampire Facials

Also known as PRP therapy this procedure is definitely scarier than it sounds, no vampires are involved! A small sample of your blood is taken by a qualified professional and then the plasma is separated from the other elements found in your blood. This plasma contains growth platelets. When injected into your skin these platelets stimulate collagen and elastin production which in turn then enhances your skins texture and overall colour. This procedure has become popular with a number of celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

If you are looking at your options for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, there are many more options available but you certainly have more options than full surgery.