Platforms that allow users to easily create their own website for free are consistently increasing in popularity, so does this mean that the art of web design is becoming a thing of the past?

To put it simply, no.

Is ‘Web Design’ a Fading Function

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Development and Design

Whilst it may sometimes seem as though web design is becoming obsolete, to discount the specific skills web designers have would be a mistake because as technologies develop, high quality web designers are becoming more familiar and comfortable with both front and back end development.

Web designers in the traditional sense of the term are disappearing, but that is only because designers have a wider understanding of different processes, which means the term web developer is more appropriate. The development of a successful website depends on the seamless amalgamation of a number of different components, including visual design elements and user experience considerations.

Bespoke Design

Creating a quality static website using a content management platform such as WordPress is fairly straightforward, but if your business would benefit from a bespoke, more sophisticated and intricate website, hiring a professional design and development team would be in your interest.

When hiring a Cardiff web designer such as, looking for the term developer is important. It means that you can feel confident that your website will be responsive, look good and deliver a seamless user experience for your customers and visitors, because the design team will have experience and knowledge of the complex applications needed to build a high-quality website.

Professional websites regularly achieve better results in search engine results, and can therefore form a vital part of your digital strategy for your business.

Website Developers

Web design professionals are beginning to move away from the term web designer because it fails to sufficiently encapsulate the number of skills and amount of knowledge they have built up over the years spent within the industry.

Technology is consistently improving and the sky is the limit when it comes to the innovation that can be applied to websites. As the numbers of websites increases, standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons is becoming more important than ever before, with professionals intrinsically understanding how their skills can be applied to your personal website design in ways that will benefit your business.