Making your home look trendy and chic is achievable. If you’ve no experience with interior design or are moving into your first home and so don’t have any idea where you should begin, that’s where the difficulty lies. Anyone who is anyone has heard of genius designer John Rocha, and with guidance from his tips, you could turn your home into an interior paradise.

John Rocha shares his 5 top tips for timeless interior style

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Five top tips

1 Start from the beginning – it’s a good place to start! Having a blank canvas room to start designing can let you inject your personality into the space available to you. You need to be able to see how much space you have and how the light falls to know whether you could invest in artwork copying some of the greats if you can’t afford the originals!

2 Next, concentrate on fabrics and textiles, as they are constantly evolving in design. One day, wallpaper can be popular, the next it’s paint. It’s a matter of taste of course but ensuring you include great colours is key

3 According to an article by Manchester City Council, wallpaper is actually not recyclable as it is too polluted with contaminants to put back into the environment. Paint would be more environmentally friendly than paper overall. Saving money on your pictures and canvases is a good idea too so get some artwork copying done by a reputable company and you can have replicas on the walls.

Don’t skimp

4 Saving money on the bathroom redesign may sound like a good idea at the time but don’t skimp here. Your bathroom is a haven, where you can soak and relax and so put the money into it for the best flooring and fixtures. Companies such as are there to help you jazz up your interiors with fantastic art pieces so take advantage of what could match.

5 The bedroom is one of the favourites for people to redesign as we do spend an awful lot of time there. Spend the money on plush carpets and a bigger bed. It’s where we go to rest and recharge and creating that calm environment is important. Your home is your castle and treating it as such can only mean you will be comfortable and proud of what you have managed to create.