A wedding day is called your ‘big day’ not because of the size of the budget (although these days that could be of significant size). It’s called your big day because it is one of the most important experiences of your life and so it’s natural that you might be feeling some stress, nerves or a general jittery feeling. This isn’t necessarily because you’re having doubts about your partner but it’s such a big occasion that you’re desperate for everything to go to plan and for nothing bad to happen. So, you’ve got the venue booked, the dress fitted and the invitations sent out. For Handmade Wedding Invitations, visit https://www.looneylizardcreations.co.uk/handmade-invitations/wedding-stationery/. Now, it’s time to concentrate on keeping you together on the day itself.

Get some exercise to work off those negative vibes and release some endorphins. Have an impromptu dance off with your best friends and bridesmaids, go for an early morning jog or a spot of yoga to centre yourself and build up those positive feelings for the day ahead.

You might prefer a solo activity to get you in the right frame of mind so why not take a stroll to get a breath of fresh air and clear your head from all those swirling emotions. Breathe deeply and evenly, have some time out from the excited buzz of family and friends and remember why you’re doing all this.

Keep Calm and Marry On

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If the wedding day is getting a bit full on for both of you then step aside and share a moment where you both focus on the honeymoon. As much as everyone wants to make every moment of your wedding day amazing, sometimes your jaw will ache from smiling and you just want to sit down and recoup. Look forward to the blissful relaxation of your honeymoon when it’s just the two of you.

Should disaster strike in the form of a missing bouquet or a drunken best man then remember the time when you got engaged or your first date. Focus on the first spark between you and the early rushes of love and this will put it all into perspective. After that, nothing will seem like a problem that can’t be overcome.

Having a mantra that you work towards before the day will help you on the actual day. ‘I will not freak out on my wedding day’ – now repeat this several times until you feel it sinking in. There’s bound to be some snags along the journey and it’s common for brides to lose it over things that later seem insignificant. If you suspect that you’re a perfectionist and won’t be able to relax and enjoy the day then you might want to consider hiring a planner so that early on, you can delegate the stress to someone else. And remember to ask for help. No doubt you’ll have lots of people who will more than happy to be given small jobs to do on the day.