Having long been one of the most important aspects of SEO, keyword research is an essential process set to reign supreme amongst savvy marketers this year, and beyond. Why is keyword research so fundamental for every website?

Keyword Research

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Targeted and Optimised

Keyword research is essentially discovering what words or phrases people use on search engines that relate to what you offer. By finding out which are the best keywords to use for your website, you not only attract the right kind of people, but you can boost your search rankings by using keywords to optimise your site.

Content Strategy

By researching which keywords are commonly used to search for products or services related to what you offer, you get a better insight into what consumers might be looking for, or how you can solve their problems. You can use your keyword research to shape what kind of content you could offer to attract your target audience, thus increasing traffic to your site.

Fundamental to SEO

You can guarantee that those websites that consistently get top rankings on search engines have not just guessed at the keywords they use. Quite simply, if you want to get your name higher up the listings, you can’t rely on keyword guesswork. Whilst it can take some time to analyse relevant keywords, it’s fairly straightforward to do.

Not every business has the expertise to devote to keyword researching or SEO, with many using experts such as Cardiff web design business ambercouch.co.uk or others. This can be useful for businesses lacking the resources or time. Great keyword research may reveal hidden opportunities that could benefit your company, and set you apart from your competitors.

Keeping up with Trends

Keyword research lets you keep up with trends of what is being commonly searched for in relation to your business. By adapting to changing trends, you can change your strategies accordingly, so that your SEO efforts don’t become stale. Effective keyword research also lets you understand better uses of words, so that you incorporate popular consumer language rather than industry terms. A simple change of one word can make a big difference, even if it has the same meaning.

As the internet becomes a more competitive environment, it’s vital that online businesses in 2016 look for those keywords that help to streamline their SEO strategies and maximise returns from targeted visits.