“Love is patient, Love is Kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.  Often read out loud to the congregation at weddings and marriage renewals this Bible verse from 1 Corinthians verse 13: 4-8 is one of the most popular readings many couples choose to use.  The verse encourages faithfulness, honesty, compassion, protection for your loved one and perseverance.  When we think about the sanctity of marriage, the vows that we solemnly say to each other, the rings that we exchange and the promises we make, we all hope that this union will last a lifetime.

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Unfortunately, not all marriages survive and the temptation to stray away from your partner and get involved in an affair or just fall out of love with each other can be to much and cause the union to end.  Along with being unfaithful or the marriage just ending comes the opportunity to find a new sexual partner.  Take precautions, use protection, be safe use Chlamydia Testing kits London don’t get caught out and practise safe sex.

When you contemplate the definition of marriage think about what it really means!  A formal and binding union between two people that legally, emotionally and economically unites them together for life.  This contract is undertaken solemnly, reverently and with plenty of fore thought, if you as a couple can’t truly commit to that then don’t enter into the marriage in the first place.