If someone asks you the question have you ever made any pasta? You will probably say Oh! Come on…it’s now that hard. All I have to do is boiling some water, open store-bought noodles pack and place it into water. Simple is that. We’re not talking about that unhealthy junk; we are talking about making actual pasta from scratch.

It may seem little intimidating to you, but take my word, it’s actually pretty simple when you will go to make some. All you need some flour, few eggs, some water, a little effort, and of course, a very good pasta maker. You’ll have privileged to pick your own recipe, but we can guide you to some best pasta machine that will definitely make the whole process both easy and delicious.

Five best pasta machine:

For most the small apparatus, we will recommend you to go for an electric option. But when the question comes for best pasta makers, we should prefer the manual one. To operate the machine you don’t have to exert much energy, and since you decided to make your own handmade noodles, why not take some more minutes to make them perfect?

Here is 5 best pasta machine we can recommend you to get started on your homemade pasta adventure.

Marcato atlas wellness-150 pasta maker:

The Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker has a good reputation and for its unbitten quality, it has become one of the best market leaders. This machine can produce some delicious pasta, such as spaghetti, fettuccine, and taglierini. Using this wonderful machine you can also make some flat dough sheets that can be used for ravioli or you can buy some attachments to get other varieties like linguini. Since it has adjustable rolls it will be very easy to get the thickness you want for your pasta. You have a long ten settings to choose from and using this various setting you can make your pasta as thick as 2.5 millimeters or as thin as 0.3 millimeters.

The Marcato has used the word “wellness” for the device name to show that is has used anodized aluminum for rollers and cutters. These special rollers will able to give the machine a better grip on pasta dough and the best part is they don’t use any harmful metals such as chromium and nickel in the machine.

Imperia pasta maker:

The Imperia Pasta Maker also made in the same way as the Marcato Atlas Wellness 150. Its three best quality (sturdy, reliable, heavy-duty) make this machine one of the best in the market. This machine has the capacity to make many types of pasta with more variety of thicknesses. In fact, if you looking forward to seeing the difference between these two the result will be very narrow. For instance, we can say the Imperia pasta maker has a wooden handle, where Marcato Atlas has the plastic handle and another key difference is Imperia Pasta Maker has chrome-plated steel rollers but Marcato’s use aluminum rollers. The price is close to $50 for both machines. So you can go for any of them as they both are pretty much same.

Atlas Electric pasta maker:

The Atlas Electric Pasta Machine has got a unique classic look than others but the only problem is it has no handle which is one of the key component for the above two as the machine is fully automatic they don’t need the handle to operate.

If your hands get tired from operating the handle of the roller in the manual pasta machine then you should try this little machine. The machine has an electric motor inside the body that will pull the dough automatically through the rollers. This pasta machine has the capacity to make 3 types of pasta and if you want more you can easily install some various attachments to expand the option.

Gourmia GPM630:

The Gourmia GPM630 is unique for convenience capacity of the all-in-one pasta maker. The great thing is you don’t have to worry about bowls or mixing spoons or any other things to make your fresh pasta. We know most of the pasta machine requires your hand for the dough but the Gourmia GPM630 took all the responsibilities for you.  You just have to dump all your pasta ingredients into the chamber, set the desired pasta type and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. At the end, you’ll have some freshly made noodles.

The Gourmia GPM630 can handle with 1-pound capacity. For a full dinner, it is probably more than enough. The machine has 13 different pasta shaping disks so you can experiment all types of pasta.

Phillips pasta maker:

The Phillips Pasta Maker is another electric device that can make pasta with a pushing a button. The Phillips Pasta Maker can automatically mix all the ingredients and also it can knead the dough as well and the machine has extruded one of the four pasta varieties. This machine has various types of disk that come with spaghetti, penne, fettuccini and lasagna and you can purchase additional disks to expand your pasta experiment.

This pasta machine comes with a convenient drawer for storing your shaping disks and cleaning tools.

Reviews to the end:

These were the top 5 best pasta machine I could have suggested you choose from as each of them gets thousand of positive reviews from the consumers all over the world. You can buy any of them to explore your pasta fest.