Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing as a whole nowadays thanks to search engines getting more and more savvy at developing algorithms to weed out underhanded SEO tactics. As a result, content across the internet is unique and more engaging, which means we essentially change the way its success is measured.

Measurable content

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Traffic doesn’t mean consumption

Just because people are arriving at your website where you’ve got a fantastic blog post doesn’t mean that they are reading the content and absorbing the information. You can check analytics and see traffic rise, and for most people, that’s where the analysis will end. There is a pressing need, however, to dig a bit deeper. This goes for both local and national agencies – for example, Northampton web design agencies.

Engagement is key

Measuring the engagement levels of a specific piece of content is actually where you should be directing your focus to see if a campaign is successful. Whether this is through standard metrics like time on page or going deeper to analyse social shares, it’s a more comprehensive way of finding out if people are actually consuming the content you’ve produced. For example, entertainment outlet Buzzfeed gives writers the option to investigate their social reach.

You can also measure ROI (return on investment) if you have a call to action that is embedded within a piece of content to gauge how much people are reading. However, if you want to better understand if people are scrolling all the way down, you can use Google Analytics to investigate scroll depth and time on page.

While it all sounds very complicated, it doesn’t have to be. It does take time to build an awareness of how engagement works, but you can cut out the initial groundwork by working alongside agencies; contact for web design ideas in Northampton and advice on how to measure the success of your campaigns.

The bottom line in any marketing campaign is to understand how you plan to measure success before you start, and the same goes for content marketing. If you have specific goals in place, know how you want to measure them, whether it is through ROI or engagement or a mix of the two as they quite often go hand-in-hand.