Many of us start to think about spring cleaning at this time of year and look at areas of our home that need some attention. If you − or anyone in your home − suffer from asthma or similar allergic conditions, it is really important to take particular care to try to remove any allergens when cleaning.

Minimising allergens in your home in readiness for spring

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The bedroom

People who suffer from asthma and similar conditions seem to find their symptoms worse at night; therefore, it makes sense to look at removing allergens from the bedroom. The mattress is a particular culprit due to the presence of house dust mites and their droppings. In addition to using anti-allergy covers, all bedding should be washed on a hot wash (at least 60°) at regular intervals. Keeping pets out of the bedroom will certainly help, as will avoiding carpet on the floor and using rugs that can be washed at high temperatures. Any other furnishing fabrics, such as curtains, can harbour dust and you may want to consider curtain cleaning in London or your local area.

The kitchen

Most kitchen surfaces are generally easy to clean and wipe down, and it is important to do this regularly to remove any build-up of dust. Avoiding the use of carpet or other fabrics in the kitchen will also help to keep allergens to a minimum. Appliances such as the fridge, freezer and cooker should be cleaned regularly, and cooking with electric rather than gas can be beneficial for people who suffer from asthma. Finally, it is important to open the kitchen windows regularly to minimise any condensation.

The lounge

Many of the soft furnishings in this room can cause problems for asthmatics and other allergy sufferers. House mites can happily live in cushions, carpets and curtains. Having any removable fabric covers professionally cleaned at regular intervals by a company such as can remove the allergens. Any hard surfaces, pictures or ornaments should be damp dusted to reduce the amount of dust circulating around the room.

The bathroom

The use of strong-smelling, harsh chemicals can cause problems for allergy sufferers; therefore, try to look for products that are proven to have fewer allergens. Poor ventilation in bathrooms can cause mould and the resultant spores to circulate in the house, so open the bathroom windows if possible or use an extractor fan.