As the demand for electric vehicles increases across the globe, the Indonesian Industry Ministry has announced plans to test the prototypes of 10 models. Alongside these trials, two government departments will also work together to design the regulations for the widespread use of electric cars in the country.

Ministry to test the prototypes of 10 electric cars

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The Industry Minister, Airlangga Hartarto, has recently formalised plans to hand over the prototypes to the Environment and Forestry Ministry and the Transportation Ministry, for a series of tests.

Support for infrastructure and technology

In order for these electrically powered vehicles to become a reality on the streets of Indonesia, there needs to be a better support infrastructure in place and further advances in technology will be required, such as the manufacture of electrical control components.

Other developments that will be necessary include the technology to provide sufficient battery power and an increase in the number of charging stations available. The aim is to have a battery that is capable of travelling 200km to 300km in between charges.

Ministry to test the prototypes of 10 electric cars2

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Financial incentives

The Industry Minister believes that for the commercial production of electric and hybrid vehicles to be a success, there needs to be more financial incentives and other programmes aimed at the industry. This will enable the country to compete on an international level.

There are no confirmed details on any future policy initiatives, but these could be made available in several stages, which are adjusted based on the commitment of specific manufacturers to the industry. This could involve developing a research and development centre locally, to conduct further studies into electrical control components, such as those available from, power control units and batteries.

Electric cars in Indonesia

The development of the electric vehicle market in the country has been an important concern for Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, who wants to see more studies and analysis of their benefits from within the country, which will help to limit the damaging effects of climate change. Other studies have been conducted by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry into the extent of fuel savings with electric models.

In order to ensure that his country is ready for these new developments, he wants regulations to be prepared in advance and facilities built, so that Indonesia is ahead of the game and ready to embrace the technology.