Do you feel ready to hit the dating scene? Perhaps you have just come out of a relationship, or perhaps you are fed up of singledom and are going in search of ‘The One’. This article looks at some of the top first date tips for men.

Modern dating tips for men

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Ahead of the date

What should you wear? First impressions remain important, so make sure you are presentable and look like you care about your appearance.

Where should you go? Try to meet up somewhere familiar to you so that you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Many potential partners will be keen to know that you are disease-free before they get intimate with you. Chlamydia is the most common STI in the UK; fortunately, chlamydia testing kits in London are available from a number of clinics, such as You may even be able to take one home with you to conduct your own test.

Modern dating tips for men2

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On the date

– Be confident, as confidence is an attractive trait.

– Don’t do all the talking. Being a good listener is something that many people look for in a partner. Ask plenty of questions and show an interest in the answers.

– Keep the conversation fun. Try to keep the conversation fairly light-hearted and remember that laughter is a great turn-on.

– Turn off your phone. Phones ringing or vibrating is irritating at the best of times, and especially so on a date.

– Offer to pay. On your first date, offer – although not too forcefully – to pick up the bill. If there are protests, compromise by either going Dutch or suggesting that your date can pay next time you meet up.

The end of the date

If you feel that the date went well, a peck on the cheek would not be too forward, nor would swapping numbers/emails. If you do not feel the date went well, don’t make a promise to call if you are not going to; instead, be polite and say you had a good time.

The aftermath

Assuming that the date went well, don’t leave it too long to get back in touch. The next day or the one after that is fine, but any longer may give the impression you are not interested.