If you think it’s time for some home renovations, then maybe you need some clues about what is most common for homes in the UK. The current trend is to improve so you don’t need to move, so here are some popular renovation projects that people do to add value to their property:

  1. New Bathroom

The top of the list for renovation projects is the installation of a new bathroom. 44% of homeowners who have done home repairs in recent years have installed new bathrooms. Whether you have an old avocado suite, or your faucet looks a little tired, the bathroom is one of the main factors that buyers assess when they want to buy. The perfect choice is a fresh, white, clean bathroom suite.

  1. New Kitchen

Another big selling point for a house is the kitchen and this is the second most renovated room after the bathroom. As a frequently used room, decorations can wear out quickly so changing sinks, tiles, wallpaper, and units is a great way to breathe new life into the room. If you don’t want to tear out all the units, if the base is sturdy then maybe you can replace the door or even just the handles for something a little more modern.

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  1. Extension

Steps that are more expensive and more drastic but are often done to expand the living space for growing families without the need to move to a new home. Options include lengthening over the garage, extension of the ground floor behind or extending to the side depending on the available space and planning permission. Conservatories are also included in this category. For a Builders Bishops Stortford, visit https://www.ashmereconstruction.co.uk/

  1. Conversions

If the extension is not an option, then you might be able to convert it instead. Many people turn a garage into an extra downstairs or have a loft or basement suitable for conversion. Whether you need an additional bedroom, playroom, additional bathroom or home office, conversions are often easier and cheaper than extensions.

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  1. Gardens

Another popular renovation project is remodelling the outer space. A well-planned and attractive exterior will add significant value and attractiveness to your property. Adding an area designed for seating, barbecue or special features as a focal point will make your living space feel bigger with natural flow between the outside and inside. That doesn’t have to mean landscape farming on a large scale but painting fences, adding some interesting plants and creating social spaces is the key.

  1. Knock Down Walls

Also in the top ten popular home improvements is breaking down interior walls without bearings to make the room bigger. Often, space repurposing can dramatically change the atmosphere and flow of the house. For example, breaking down walls between the kitchen and dining room can create a more socially open plan space, which feels more spacious and encourages greater family interaction.