An eclectic showcase of stunning wedding dresses was seen at Paris couture shows, with the inspiration for many designers appearing to come from vintage wedding fashion.

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One of the most beautiful wedding dress designs evolved from the 1970s-inspired boho style. The off-the-shoulder design dominating many fashions at present was also incorporated, giving the dresses an effortless look and understated chic style.  When you are at a catwalk they somehow make the clothes shine and sparkle looking absolutely fantastic.  One way they do this is to use Lighting Specialists to create unique colours and shading in certain areas.  This is almost like a show in itself. They can create all kinds of designs internally and externally so to find out more about what they can do for you check out links like

Bohemian style from Giambattista Valli

One of the designers who utilised this look was Giambattista Valli, with a flowing minimalist dress and bohemian-style neckline. Flattering many different body shapes, this dress style is becoming increasingly popular, offering something unique to the everyday wedding dress in addition to being a practical design that provides movement and comfort throughout the day.

There are many different variations of this 1970s bohemian style; however, the classic frills and floating nature of the dress are the staple features of this design. As seen on the Paris catwalk, this bohemian-style dress boasts a higher waistline, often with seams just under the bust.

Adopting the 1970s style

Wedding fashion advisors often favour the style of the vintage 70s bohemian dress, as it can be tailored to each individual bride’s personal taste and figure. One difference can be the length, with the floaty nature of the dress also suiting floor length and mid-calf (ballerina) length, providing the opportunity to add a gorgeous pair of statement shoes.

The neckline can also be adapted to suit the bride, with some choosing the bohemian off-the-shoulder look with the frill while others prefer it to sit on their shoulders to create a plunging neckline.

The materials used to create these dresses can also vary, with cotton lace, embroidered chiffon and other soft fabrics creating subtle differences. The beauty of all these designs lies in the unrestrictive nature, with no boning or stiff fabric, which ensures an elegant and carefree style is exuded.

Optional bows and other adornments, such as broach detailing, can bring a touch of glamour to these dresses, while coloured dresses or white dresses with accent colours can provide a unique twist.

The Paris catwalks have unquestionably utilised the vintage 1970s-style wedding dresses to create a classy yet modest design that is beautifully romantic and nostalgic.