York Racecourse has been part of the economic and sporting life of one of the UK’s most beautiful cities since 1731. Now the Course Enclosure, where families can picnic at their leisure and which welcomes around 60,000 visitors a year, is due for extensive renovations to provide better facilities including a lift between areas and improved toilets plus a complete renovation of the iconic Clocktower, the centrepiece building of this much-loved enclosure.

Plans unveiled to improve York Racecourse

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Better facilities

After the improvements to the facilities of the County Stand, it’s now the turn of the Course Enclosure to undergo a renovation as part of a multi-million-pound refit for York Racecourse. With ambitious plans to improve toilet provisions for women and disabled visitors, alongside the creation of proper pedestrian walkways to the top of the bank, family racegoers will be able to take advantage of the great views over the final furlong of the course.

Revealing the beauty of the Clocktower

Once used to display betting odds and give updates on runners and riders, the function of the Clocktower has been superseded by two large outdoor screens that update information at the push of a button. But this iconic listed structure will now be revealed in all its beauty.

Plans unveiled to improve York Racecourse2

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A 1950s steel canopy will be removed to reveal the beauty of the stonework, and masonry cleaning machines provided by a company such as https://www.stonehealth.com/torc-system/ will return the Clocktower to its former glory. The original masonry will also now form a part of the proposed new toilet blocks.

A fun day out

The Course Enclosure is the perfect spot for a picnic, but the refurbishment scheme includes the creation of a series of food and drinks kiosks on the bank, which will be covered by the same kind of lightweight tensile canopies as already exist on the stands side of the course. These canopies are effective barriers in wet weather and also create aesthetic appeal for the racegoers.

The new application will also deal with the issues of damp and flooding that have often plagued this area of the course, thus creating a practical solution as well as preserving the heritage of this beautiful racecourse. Generations of racegoers have enjoyed a sunny day out at York races and can expect an even more enjoyable experience in the 2018 season.