Going back to the office may be a strange experience for some people. There will be a huge mix of emotions, from the relief of getting back to normal to worry about health and safety. Going back to work is a really good opportunity to have a tidy up.

With workplaces having to adapted to comply with government guidelines on social distancing, it is a really good opportunity to spruce the office up a bit. New office furniture is a great way to make the office a more pleasant place to be and companies such as https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-desk-ranges/next-day-desk-ranges/next-day-start-office-furniture/ offer a next day office furniture delivery, so you won’t have to wait long!

Another great way to make the office feel a more pleasant environment to be in, is to add some plants. Here are some of the best plants to add to your office…

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Imperial Green – These plants are really well suited to offices. They are a beautiful dark green plant, with shiny, lush leaves. They enjoy an environment with low humidity, which makes them perfect in the office environment.

Peace Lily – These easy to care for plants thrive in the office. They don’t need much light to grow, so if you have a corner which needs cheering up, they will do well there. The flowers are beautiful white flowers that will brighten up the dreariest of corners!

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Sanseveria – More commonly known as ‘Mother in laws tongue’ this unusual looking spiky plant is deserving of its name for some! These plants are also hardy, they can survive well if someone forgets to water them for a few days and they do well in both low light and sunny areas, as they are not fussy, they are versatile and popular indoor plants.