Carpet’s carpet right? Well, no actually. There are loads of different types of carpet with different fibres, textures and properties. Not all carpets are made the same. If you’re thinking about re-carpeting your home or just want to find out more about carpet care, then here are some of the different types of carpet on the market:

There are different varieties of loop pile carpets:

Berber – These carpets are named after the wool carpets made by the Berber tribes in North Africa and Asia because of their appearance. They are incredibly popular carpets with loops made from thick woollen or nylon yarns. They are hard-wearing and feel fantastically luxurious underfoot. They come in either multi-loop or level loop varieties.

Level Loop  – This carpet is highly durable and has a great natural look even when made from man-made fibres. The higher the loop, the more luxurious the feel and look. Short, dense loops are easier to clean so offer both practicality and comfort and ideal for areas where there is heavy foot traffic. Loops can be damaged by pet claws, so this is something to consider if you have animals in the home.

Multi Level Loop  – This is similar to a level loop carpet, but the loops come at different heights. This gives a more informal look and an interesting texture. Stains don’t show up much so it’s good for busy family rooms. Think about having your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional to keep it looking as good as new. For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Gloucester, visit

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One of the most popular types of carpet is cut pile. By cutting the loops at the top, the soft yarn stands straight, feels luxurious still but is less susceptible to crushing than other types of carpet.

Saxony – These carpets are twisted tightly and set straight through the use of heat. Two or more yarns will be woven together with the tips standing out to leave a softness and elegant appearance. Ideally, they are suited to low traffic rooms as they will show up footmarks and vacuum tracks.

Frieze – Also tightly twisted, this carpet has a denser, coarser texture and is more durable. It’s the ideal choice for busy areas as shorter fibres, which move in different directions, tend to mask footmarks, vacuum tracks and dust.

Cut & Loop
These are a combination of the loop and cut loop style described above. This style of carpet opens up more possibility in terms of comfort, durability, differing surface texture and patterns. A multi-level design hides stains and footmarks well, making it popular for busy traffic areas. These carpets combine fibres that have been cut with ones that have been looped. This provides opportunities for creating unique surface textures and patterns in a wide variety of colours. The finish with the varying height levels is excellent for hiding footmarks and dirt, making it ideal for heavily walked areas.

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