Being a manager can be a tough job but imagine being the manager of a whole airport? Airport managers oversee anything and everything from air operations to human resources as well as ensuring they comply with all the laws and regulations pertaining to flight operations. As you can well imagine for such a high profile position, you will need a degree in Aviation and Airport Management.

A wide variety of skills and experience will be required to secure an airport management job and it’s a challenging position especially with the global security situation much more tense than it used to be. The sheer number of international passengers also makes this a very busy role. Therefore, the need to multi-task will be essential as you oversee many different areas of operation during the course of a day. Of course, you’re not doing this alone as a big airport employs many hundreds of support staff and possibly a management team.

You would be expected to maintain all the terminals, runways and associated buildings, making sure that everything on site is fit for purpose. Enforcing the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority are also a crucial part of an airport manager’s job. Budgeting, staffing and airline relations will also fall under the manager’s remit. Public relations is another aspect of the role and the manager would be expected to be the face of the airport when speaking to the media.

Airports come in all shapes and sizes, from large international hubs to smaller, regional facilities but whatever the size, every airport must be well-managed to ensure the highest safety for passengers at all times. And it’s not just about flying either. Airports are also places where people can shop, eat and drink, worship, meet family and friends and even take part in business meetings. These are further areas that need managing too. Facilities need to improve, evolve and  continue to offer comfort and convenience to travellers passing through and how well they do that will make a huge impact on how people view that airport, that city or even that country!

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Keeping all these facilities clean could be a logistical nightmare unless you hire the services of a professional commercial cleaning company. There are a lot of communal public areas including seating, toilets, reception desks, shops, elevators and large glass windows. To ensure the appearance of a modern, bright and safe airport – it needs to be spotless. For Commercial cleaning Belfast, visit

It may take 10 to 20 years to work up to the lofty heights of airport management, possibly starting after graduation with an assistant management position.  Some airport managers have pilot experience but this isn’t a requirement. Maybe someone who has managed a small airport could then become an Operations Manager at a large airport before working their way up. Such jobs don’t come up very often and there are only a select number of airports across the world where a manager can earn a six figure salary but what a fascinating and responsible job.