Spring is traditionally the time when we give our home a thorough clean and look to update its style to give it a fresher feel for the summer months. If your home could do with a little bit of TLC, then we have four quick hacks that will have it looking as good as new in a matter of hours.

Reboot Your Home's Style This Spring

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Have a Declutter

Holding on to items and pieces of furniture can quickly make a property look cluttered, so now is the time to be ruthless and have a really good clear-out. According to research, 50% of us say that we hold on to items for too long, but a third don’t want to actually get rid of things.

Once you’ve had a good declutter, you can add in new pieces of furniture that become a focal point in a room, such as a bold armchair or traditional-looking items with a contemporary twist.

Make More of Nature

Even if you’re not one for hiking through the great outdoors every weekend, you can still add a touch of nature to your home. Go for products that are made from natural materials, such as wood and wicker, and items in shades of blues and dark greens.

For those who have a creative edge, you can even make home accessories yourself or visit craft fairs and local suppliers for something a bit different.

Add Interest to Your Decor

If you really want to create a unique home design, then you could consider employing West London architects, such as https://www.rbddesign.com/, to provide some inspiration. Alternatively, there are some simple methods you can employ to add interest, including using a variety of textured pieces, like ceramics, wood and hand-woven materials.

Reboot Your Home's Style This Spring2

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Just because an accessory is functional, it doesn’t have to be boring, and even something as simple and effective as a light fitting can add a bold style to your home.

Go Heavy on the Metal

Metal features can be an inexpensive means of updating your home’s style and giving it a more luxurious appearance. Old-fashioned fixtures, such as bathroom taps, can be replaced with polished brass pieces to revitalise a tired suite. Go for retro accessories to give a living or dining room a completely different feel, or pick up furniture that has some brass details for a subtle addition.