Is it time for your business to relocate? Or will an office update breathe new life into your company? A new office design can engage employees, making them more creative and productive. Before you make your decision, here are five things to consider.

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1. Do you need to expand?

Whether your lease is expiring or your business is undergoing rapid expansion, you need to relocate to new premises. Be proactive and seize the opportunity to meet your current and future needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

If you don’t have to relocate, examine ways that your office space could be made to work more effectively. Contact office fit out companies that can advise you on an efficient re-organisation of your office.

2. Reduce your costs

If your upmarket location is punishing your bottom line, think about a relocation. Can you save money by downsizing or re-negotiating the terms of the lease?

3. Boost your revenues

On the other hand, it may be that you could optimise the space you already have and sublet any unused space. The return could be lucrative and help to finance a full office refit. Use a reputable company like to create an office space that maximises the success of your business.

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4. Wellbeing

Did you know that 34% of UK employees work in offices that haven’t been updated in the last three years? Working in outdated premises can have a negative impact on the wellbeing and productivity of your team. Something as simple as restricted access to natural light can affect wellbeing.

Does your office layout encourage collaboration and creativity? Do you use an open plan design to break down the barriers between teams, or is your office strictly hierarchical? Inspiring wellness through your office design leads to a happy and productive workforce.

5. Updating your brand image

Whether you opt for a remodel or a relocation, updating your business premises can positively impact on the way your business is perceived by your clients or customers. Want to boost client engagement and customer confidence? A stunning office design can make that happen.

Before you invest in new premises or a design transformation, consider whether your office reflects your business values and ethos. A refurbishment may be the ideal solution to creating an office that inspire employees, impresses customers and boosts your business.